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We at udChalo adhere to the "People Centricity" philosophy. We're all in this together, and we're here to assist each other to succeed. We are all driven by a common cause and achieve it with great passion and enthusiasm. From brainstorming activities to cheering the best performers our entire culture proudly makes us a ‘Great Place to Work’. Have a look at some of udChalo's events and sessions. 

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Foundation Day

14 September, 2012 is a significant date in our history since it represents the beginning of our mission to serve our soldiers. It's a day we look forward to every year to celebrate our commitment towards the forces. We participate in various activities together and embrace our shared experiences, learn from our failures, and work towards making today better than yesterday and on this day we 'Party Hard'.

Learn & Grow

We at udChalo are firm believers in the idea that personal development is essential to the health of both the Organization and the nation. Considering this, we organize various Learning and Development sessions, Training Sessions, Book Reading & our unique Program Anubhav where people from and outside the Organization come forward to share their learnings with our teams which helps them grow personally & professionally.

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Fun & Play

Happy minds, generate happy work, that creates happy customers and eventually a happy organisation. We celebrate Women's Day, International Men's Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Undertake Online Tambola, Sports events, Fitness competitions, Brain freezer contests, Crosswords, Rangoli competition etc. Every traditional day, including Holi, Diwali, Eid, Navratri, Christmas, is observed with equal enthusiasm.  

Employee Testimonials

As we say that we are people-centric and value our employees. Let's hear what our employees have to say about udChalo.  

"udChalo has given me an opportunity that allows me to work from anywhere. Restarting my career after a long break was really important, and what was more important? It was being Financially Independent as well, and with udChalo, I can finally say that I am now Financially Independent."
Jaya Sharma

Jaya Sharma


"Shifting homes is a routine for us in the Army, and we love to travel to new places as well. But one thing that gets affected due to these constant changes is that our careers get stucked and we cannot start it time and again. With Utkarsh, I was not only able to restart my career again, but I can also work from any place."
Manorama Pandey

Manorama Pandey


"Retired from the Army, but the passion to work for the Nation remained. Got to know about udChalo and how they serve our Soldiers by easing their lives. So decided to join udChalo through their Veterans Placement Program. Now I am contributing my bit towards serving my own colleagues and friends."
Col. Avinash Kakade (Retd.)

Col. Avinash Kakade (Retd.)


Celebrations at udChalo

We work hard and party harder! Because a happy brain always cultivates brighter ideas and boosts productivity. Yes, we believe in having fun while you work. Considering this, many events, games, and fun activities are often a part of our culture.  

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